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Reeling in Dreams – How Network Family Wellness Center Hooked 2449 Pine

Reeling in Dreams – How Network Family Wellness Center Hooked 2449 Pine

In the wild world of real estate, some dreams are like elusive fish in the deep sea—hard to catch but oh-so-worth-it when you do. Network Family Wellness Center, champions of chiropractic excellence, recently embarked on a quest for more space. They were like a growing giant, a business on the rise, and they had their eyes on a prize they’d admired for two decades… 2449 Pine Stree in Boulder, Colorado.

The Property That Inspired a 20-Year Dream

Yep, that’s right, for a whopping 20 years, they’ve driven past 2449 Pine Street, ogling it like a favorite book with a cover they couldn’t resist. This stand-alone building at the corner of Folsom and Pine in Boulder had been a landmark they knew well, as they drove past it countless times. Although it wasn’t initially for sale, the property had been listed for sublease.

Frequently in the past, with other real estate purchases, I dreaded working with a realtor as I frequently didn’t trust the transaction. Completely the opposite experience with Todd and the market real estate team. They made the experience, though we had lots of hurdles to overcome, such that we felt supported and had a team working for the best outcome for us and our practice members.”- Daniel Knowles, D.C.

But here’s the catch (pun very much intended)—this property wasn’t officially up for grabs. Nope, just playing hard to get listed, for sublease but not for sale. Enter our very own Todd Walsh, CCIM, a master negotiator with a knack for finding off-market gems. He saw an opportunity where others saw closed doors. Todd danced through twists and turns in this deal like a pro, and it was a true ensemble performance. From the lender to the SBA, the seller, and even the tenant moving out—everyone was in on the action.

A Vital Vision for Wellness

Network Family Wellness Center isn’t your typical chiropractic practice. Their approach is as unique as it is effective. Driven by the powerful NetworkSpinal™ system, they focus on holistic well-being and advanced spinal care. Their goal? To help practice members discover their inner connection, transform their lives, and awaken their capacity for wholeness.

Their commitment to their Boulder community is unwavering. With a vision of a world where every individual experiences life through a healthy spine and nervous system, they strive to inspire others to embrace a greater quality of life. It’s not just about health; it’s a lifestyle that they passionately advocate. For them, wellness isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a way of life, and it all starts with a healthy spine.

Network Family Wellness Center believes in the power of community and treats every practice member like family. Their dedication to their values, including putting the customer first and believing in the innate potential for healing, is the heartbeat of their practice. And now, with 2449 Pine Street as their new home, they’re poised to continue making a profound impact on the Boulder community, one spine at a time.

Stay tuned as Network Family Wellness Center takes their new space and continues to make a positive impact on our Boulder community. We couldn’t be happier for them.


At Market Real Estate, we believe that real estate transactions are more than just deals; they’re the building blocks of dreams. The successful acquisition of 2449 Pine Street exemplifies the power of collaboration, vision, and perseverance.

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