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Author: Geneva McLaughlin

Real estate is a people business. Our first priority is the wellbeing of our community. During this COVID-19 outbreak we are committed to taking care of our community, our clients and ourselves by keeping up with the latest updates provided by the Colorado Department of Public Health. To that end, as we continue helping businesses with their real estate needs, we want to remind you of the ways we are set up as a firm to use technology as our strategic advantage. By leveraging these and many other tools we continue to put deals together for our clients while supporting a healthy

One of biggest trends reshaping commercial real estate right now is the demand for flexible office space. From the hubbub over the bloated IPOs of coworking giants like WeWork to the increasing demand for flex space, we believe this trend is not just the flavor of the month. It is changing the dynamic between owners and tenants. Are you adapting? What is flex space? An abbreviated form of “flexible space”, flex space refers to a property which can be used for both office and warehouse space (in most cases). We’ve seen a sharp increase in demand for flex space in recent years.

Every week, Heidi and Rachel from Market Boulder will be sitting down with the entrepreneurs, owners, makers, and builders of Boulder. They’re getting behind the scenes of the market with these unique and inspiring stories that will help everyone see our community in a brand new light. Check out all the Market Meets Podcasts.  We are sure that you have heard about Tiny Homes. Whether you’ve noticed them around town, seen them on TV or even done some research of your own, I think we can agree that what might have started as a potential fad, is here to stay. Heidi

We’re thrilled to announce that a Boulder County favorite and go-to online store has expanded into Longmont. Matt Heitmann from TPC spills all about growth, the search for the best space, and what’s next for The Pro’s Closet.  The story of The Pro’s Closet, also referred to as TPC, began in 2006 when pro mountain bike racer Nick Martin founded an eBay business selling his bikes and leftover kit on eBay. This exchange happened not online, but frequently with Martin’s teammates and fellow pro riders. The eBay store grew exponentially, and by the time the mid 2000’s rolled around, TPC had

Every week, Heidi and Laura from Market Boulder will be sitting down with the entrepreneurs, owners, makers, and builders of Boulder. They’re getting behind the scenes of the market with these unique and inspiring stories that will help everyone see our community in a brand new light.  For those of you who have kids in Colorado, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of the company Avid4 Adventure. As kids become more attached or addicted to screens, it seems as though they are more disconnected from the natural world, and from the joy of authentic adventure. At Avid4 Adventure summer camps in

The great people of Colorado, a sense of community, and charity- these are just some of our favorite things! We’re preparing for Christmas 2.0 with Real Day, an annual event that brings together the passionate real estate professionals from Boulder and Denver. With the help of the administrators, realtors, and everyone who supports them, a few select non-profit organizations in Colorado will get a day of fundraising, volunteer opportunities, and big smiles.  On January 28, 2020, the Market Real Estate team will be joined by real estate professionals of all backgrounds to support the following organizations who we proudly supported during

This decade has been a wild one. Facebook buys Instagram and WhatsApp, Donald Trump is elected President, Amazon rises to become the most prevalent online platform. It’s been an exciting 10 years for the country, and an even more exciting few years for the commercial real estate industry. With close to $17 trillion (yes, with a “t”!) in market value in 2018 alone, it’s obvious that the commercial real estate market is heating up and shows no signs of slowing down. So, what should you keep an eye out for? Keep the next few trends in mind as you go

All the buzz for the last few years has been around how the housing and rental market fares for Millenials (those born between the 80’s and mid 90’s), and for the Baby Boomers and Gen X (the … older years that need not be named). A new generation of Americans, Generation Z, are now entering the housing market  and this means a new game for everyone involved in real estate and housing. Especially considering that by next year, Gen Z will represent 40% of all American consumers. To paint the picture better, Gen Z grew up with the social media platforms

Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate the holiday season and end of the year with the Market family last weekend! It was a spirited evening; we love spending time in the "off-hours" with all you wonderful people. Perhaps the highlight of the evening was the opportunity to support Mother House.   Mother House helps mothers in crisis and their babies receive the care, support, and resources they need to navigate pregnancy and their new role as mothers. We were joined by Shanan Collins who shared a little about Mother House's mission and offered a special giving opportunity for all