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Client Spotlight: Purrfect Pause Cat Cafe Boulder

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Client Spotlight: Purrfect Pause Cat Cafe Boulder

You gotta be kitten me. Cats and coffee all in one place? Purrfect Pause Cat Cafe, Boulder’s first and finest cat cafe, will have you mingling with mature and friendly cats while you enjoy your cup of joe. 

Life-long cat lover Aleks Talaro had always dreamed of opening a cat cafe, and in May of 2022, Market Real Estate’s brokers Brittany Boudreau and Nate Litsey were able to help him make that dream come true. Combining talents with his entrepreneurial mom, Susannne, Talaro created a vibrant cafe, entertainment center, boutique, and, most importantly, cat sanctuary by drawing on inspiration from cat cafes he had visited throughout his travels. Located at 5290 Arapahoe Ave., Purrfect Pause Cat Cafe offers a variety of drinks and snacks for you to enjoy while you get your “feline fix.” 

However, finding the perfect location for this specialized business was no easy task. “Working with Brittany was a pleasure. Considering the unique nature of my business, finding the right space was a bit of a challenge,” reflects Talaro. “Brittany showed me a dozen or so spaces and we discussed the pros and cons of each for a cat rescue. She’s very attentive and supportive. She helped me find the purrfect spot with great visibility! My cafe has been doing very well. We are in a wonderful location with great neighbors. I’m very satisfied with my experience working with Brittany.” 

With the perfect location locked in, Purrfect Pause goes beyond just providing a space for cat lovers to mix with cats, it also serves as an adoption center. By partnering with the Front Range Freedom Rescue, Purrfect Pause is able to assist in adoptions by allowing visitors to get to know cats when they visit. Talaro believes this is the perfect way for someone who is interested in adopting a cat to get to know their different personalities and feel confident before they make the big commitment. To date, there have been 21 cats who have found a new home through Purrfect Pause. 

But did you know that spending time with cats can be good for you too? According to several studies, connecting with cats can lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, and strokes. Furthermore, mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and loneliness are combated through the comfort and companionship that cats can provide. 

“Cats are the ultimate antidepressant, and here at Purrfect Pause we strive to create a unique, relaxing, and cozy environment for people to get some therapurry and help these sweet cats find their furrever home,” says Talaro. “The world is crazy and it’s easy to forget self-care; so take a pause with paws, a Purrfect Pause.”

Broker Brittany Boudreau couldn’t be happier as she watches Talaro and his business flourish.  “I loved working with Aleks through this process and am thrilled we found a great location for his cafe. His passion for animals and the community will be a great addition to the neighborhood.”

While we love seeing a new business thrive in their dream building, Purrfect Pause Cat Cafe is genuinely making a difference in the Boulder community—for cats and cat lovers alike! Stop by today and make a new furry friend.