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It’s Been A Mother Of a Year…

In 2020, Mother Nature came to visit. A pandemic stopped society dead in its tracks and devastating wildfires burned millions of acres including Todd’s own home which was lost in the CalWood Fire.

But while mother taketh, she also giveth. We are currently expecting two Market Babies. Both Laura and Rachel are due at the beginning of 2021! Meanwhile, Heidi has been named Partner in the firm and we are thrilled with the direction of our growing team and company.

In response to this mother of a year, we have donated the funds normally set aside for our annual holiday party to two causes. We planted 5,000 trees in Colorado’s forests and donated to Mother House, a local nonprofit which provides support for at-risk mothers and children.

We are more grateful than ever for our resilient community, our clients, our families and our good health. We will not soon forget all that 2020 took from us, but even more all it gave us.

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