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Market Brokers Close 3340 Mitchel Lane In House

Market Brokers Close 3340 Mitchel Lane In House

Amidst a time filled with Netflix parties, way too many Mercury retrogrades, and oftentimes uncertainty, arrives a resounding and total victory for the LGTBQ+ community in Boulder, Colorado.


One could attribute the purchase of 3340 Mitchell Lane and the new home of Out Boulder County’s community center – filled to the brim with trainings, workshops, and outreach programs – to the stars surreptitiously aligning with each other. Or, one could extol the incredible efforts of executive director and vice-president Mardi Moore and Bryn Long, as well as the support of their relentless broker, our own Heidi Schamber.


The building itself boasts a near 10,000 square foot expanse and absolutely glimmers with natural light that the many windows advertise. A fitting home and new community center for Out Boulder County, which has provided education and services accessible to LGTBQ+ youths for over 25 years. Incidentally, the sellers of 3340 Mitchell Lane, Jason Cormier and James Clark of Room 214, were also represented by Market Real Estate brokers Todd Walsh and Laura Frenkel.


Of course, the stars and the equally bright Mardi and Brynn aside, this extraordinary procurement was also made possible by Heidi, whose passion for this project was only superseded by an intense drive to see it through. When recounting the process of negotiating with sellers Jason and James, Heidi unabashedly declared that she would “go to bat any day of the week for this impactful organization.”


Heidi additionally exuded praises for Mardi and Brynn themselves, hailing the duo as “fearless leaders.” And, indeed, there is nothing but magic in the serendipitous collaboration between all of those involved.


Regardless of Mercury’s fickle whims, the proverbial Master of Merchants undoubtedly grins at the victory of Out Boulder County, of the important, necessary LGTBQ+ and BIPOC youths supported by such an organization, and also of those who facilitated the transaction Way to go, Todd, Laura, and Heidi!


A new home has been created. Now, all that there is to do is continue building upon the foundations of hope, comfort, and the right to belong. Fortunately, all of the stars above – and the beautiful resolution of the Boulder County public – are already experts. “Out Boulder County is the strongest it’s ever been,” says Bryn. His sentiment is echoed by the choruses of those around him. That much is certain.

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