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Diagonal Plaza in Boulder: The Big Comeback

Diagonal Plaza in Boulder: The Big Comeback

There are few greater triumphs of real estate than urban renewal. You know those places in your town that were once the zenith of shopping and the next day they just kind of lose all their fizz? Those are the places we brokers get excited about. Because they represent the best opportunities for up and coming businesses. When brokers bring in the right mix of tenants, a heap of tired concrete can become the next retail hotspot. This is exactly the vision we are executing on right now.


Say hello (or nice to see you again) to Diagonal Plaza.

Having doubts? We have new leasing contracts signed to prove it!


With Boulder’s best Thai food joint, You and Mee Noodle House blazing the trail, this once popular Boulder retail center is rising out of the ashes and will be making waves throughout Boulder before you know it. We’ve also recently welcomed Pendor LLC, a Tibetan importing company to our newest tenants.


Are you ready to be part of one of Boulder’s greatest revitalization stories? Good news! There are still spots available. Get it while it’s affordable.

Please call Market Real Estate at (303) 444 4888 if you are interested in a space at Diagonal Plaza.

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