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Welcome to Boulder, Pendleton!

1102 Pearl St Boulder

Welcome to Boulder, Pendleton!

In the heart of Boulder, a captivating tale unfolded as Pendleton Woolen Mills, a beacon of American heritage, found its perfect haven on Pearl Street. in Boulder This move was meticulously orchestrated by Todd Walsh, CCIM, and Heidi Schamber. Their deep understanding of both Boulder’s property landscape and Pendleton’s enduring legacy became the backdrop for this remarkable arrival. Pendleton hasn’t merely found a space; it’s discovered a true home. Welcome to the pulsating heart of Boulder, Pendleton – where history gracefully dances with modernity, and tradition harmoniously beats with life!

The Grand Unveiling: A Celebration of Craftsmanship and Community

On October 13, 2023, the doors swung open to reveal the latest chapter in Pendleton’s legacy. The Boulder Pendleton store, nestled at 1102 Pearl Street, Suite #103, became a beacon for those who cherish authenticity and craftsmanship. As the Boulder community flooded in, they were greeted not just by high-quality products but by a tradition that spanned over 150 years.

About Pendleton

Pendleton Woolen Mills isn’t just a brand; it’s a heritage lifestyle statement. From iconic womenswear and menswear to accessories and made-in-the-USA wool blankets, Pendleton’s offerings are more than products; they are pieces of artistry. With each Pendleton creation finding its home in Boulder, a new chapter of connection unfolded. The Boulder community embraced Pendleton’s “Warranted to Be a Pendleton” legacy, recognizing the dedication to quality and enduring classic styling. Here’s to Pendleton, Todd Walsh, Heidi Schamber, and the Boulder community – where the threads of tradition, craftsmanship, and community spirit weave a story for generations to come.

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